Wire Containers Are the Better Choice for Handling Bulk Material

Boegger Wire ContainersAffordable wire containers for your choices: Welded wire containers, collapsible wire containers, galvanized wire mesh containers, brass coated steel containers.

We offer wire containers for storage, wire containers for security, wire mesh containers, welded wire containers, foldable wire containers, wire cages, wire baskets, wire shelving, wire decking and welded wire mesh panels.

Wire containers are the best choice for handing bulk materials. Especially the foldable wire container, it is easy to carry and can be recycled. Wire container is durable, portable, self-cleaning and low price. Wire containers reduce the damage of costly product associated with bulk stacking and offer better space utilization, production identification and easier material handling. Because of these features they are widely used in workshops of factory and supermarket for sales promotion and storage.

About Boegger Industrial Limited

Boegger specializes in supplying affordable wire mesh containers, wire baskets and other wire products for export. Wire containers are available from galvanized welded wire mesh panels or sheets, while we extend our market by providing containers of woven wire mesh as well.

Wire mesh containers can be designed foldable for easy storage, and stackable to provide maximum storage density. And convenient side gate can be designed for easy access to them. Our containers meet all safety standards.

Hot products
Wire mesh container load capacity 2800 LB, inside dimensions 38 × 46 × 30 in, set up dimensions 41 × 51-1/2 × 37 -1/2in.
1 side collapsible 1200 × 920 × 1018mm wire mesh containers used to keep fabric covers for upholstered sofas.

Boegger partners with our importers across the world and they bring our wire containers to the customers with good quality and best price.

Hot Products
We produce different kinds of metal wire containers for storage. The container types are cages, decking, baskets for application of pets, shops, things transportation.
Welded wire container is used for security for animals, things. The containers types have two sided wire containers and three or four sided type. It is designed to fit into corners.
Wire mesh containers are widely used in our daily life and industries. Container types as cages, baskets, decking are used in many fields. The materials can be galvanized, stainless steel and brass.
Welded wire containers are commonly used type compared with woven wire containers or wooden containers. Some welded containers with wheels are easy carrying.

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